Why Grab Trucks Are More Beneficial Than Skip Hires

Why a Grab Lorry is More Beneficial Than a Skip Hire

A skip is a common tool used by businesses and homeowners to clear out waste and other unwanted items. However, not many people realise that often you’d be better served with a grab lorry instead.

What is the difference between a grab lorry and a skip hire?

Grab lorries, also known as grab trucks or muckaways, are driven by a professional driver who will remove waste from your property. The lorries themselves are fitted with a hydraulic arm and bucket that can quickly and easily lift all kinds of waste and place it safely within the truck’s storage space. Hiring a grab lorry requires nothing on the part of the buyer aside from showing the driver where the waste is and paying for the service.

The Main Benefits of Using a Grab Lorry Hire

A skip is a static, large container you hire for as long as you need it. The skip hire process allows you to dispose of your waste over a number of days, or even weeks, normally placed on your front garden or driveway for this time period.

Whereas, Grab trucks are quick, one-time service, where the lorry arrives at the time when you’re ready for the waste to be removed. It simply removes the waste with its attached arm and bucket and takes it away. There are benefits to both services but grab lorries ensure your waste is dealt with quickly and easily in one go. Let’s look more closely at the top benefits of using grab truck hire:

Grab Lorries Have Bigger Capacity for Waste

Grab lorries are much larger than the average skip. They have considerably more capacity for your waste, and everything is removed in a single visit. People often find it is much more cost effective to hire one grab truck than several skips.

Grab Lorries Don’t Require Permits

When you hire a skip, you need to make sure you have a legal place to put It. If you need to place a skip on a public highway or road then you need a permit from the council. This understandably comes at a price. With a grab truck, you have none of these problems, no permits are required and therefore, no additional costs. Equally, if you don’t require a permit, it can be more of an inconvenience to have this sitting on your driveway taking up space for several days, or weeks.

Grab Lorries Can Get in Hard-to-Reach Areas

If you have a large amount of waste or a large area that needs clearing, a grab truck can manoeuvre with ease in the space. While you need to physically lift and move things into a skip, a grab lorry does the work for you, with help from its driver of course. Grab lorries can easily lift and remove any waste materials, debris and more, even in difficult to reach areas.

Grab Lorries Can Hold Very Heavy Items

We’ve already mentioned that skips require you to use a little of your strength, making them a great choice for getting rid of lighter bulky items in a house or property clearance. However, some items and waste materials are just too heavy and difficult to move for the average person, even with help. Grab lorries use their hydraulic arms to quickly and easily pick up heavier items, such as trees, concrete slabs or other bulky items, and take them away for disposal.

More Time Efficient

Grab lorries work quickly and efficiently to remove any waste. You can book a grab truck hire company to drop by, remove your waste, and be gone in a matter of minutes. Your appointment can be arranged to fit your schedule and you aren’t left with a skip outside your property for days, if not weeks. All waste is picked up and removed in a single day.

What to Consider When Deciding Between Grab Lorry or Skip Hire

The differences between grab lorry and skip hire make it clear to see which option is best for your circumstances. If you’re short on time or have a considerable amount of waste to move, a grab truck is the sensible option. Whereas if you plan on clearing out your garden or home over the course of a few weeks and have space to store the waste until you’re ready for collection, then a skip may be more preferable. Before making your decision remember to factor in:
• Capacity
• Cost
• Speed
• Efficiency
• Physical labour

When Should I Use a Grab Lorry vs a Skip Hire?

Skips can hold a large amount of waste generated from smaller jobs or residential clearances. Grab lorries should be the go-to option for larger construction projects, landscaping renovations and demolitions. They make it easy to dispose of large amounts of waste that would require several skips to remove. Our 8 wheel grab trucks fit over twice the size of two standard skips and the cost is more competitive too.

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