Have a question? Search through our FAQ’s to help answer any queries you might have.

What concrete do I need?

You can use our online concrete calculator tool, that will help to determine what mix you might need. Alternatively, you can call our team, who will walk you through our mixes and what they are suitable for.

How much concrete do I need?

You can use our online concrete calculator tool. All you need to do is enter your dimensions and it will work out the rest for you.

How will the concrete be delivered?

Our concrete is delivered via our volumetric concrete trucks. They are loaded with components and then driven straight to your site. The concrete is then mixed fresh on site and dispatched out the back of the truck using chutes if required.

How long are the chutes?

Our trucks can carry up to 5m worth of chutes.

What if I don't use all of the concrete I ordered?

The beauty of using volumetric concrete mixers is that you can use exactly what you need. We don’t charge part-load fees. We simply use what’s left on board at the next job!

Do you lay the concrete?

Our driver operators deliver the concrete only. Labour is the customer’s responsibility.

How big are the concrete pumps?

Our concrete pumps vary in size. Please visit the Pumps page where you can use an interactive image to see the various dimensions of all of our concrete pumps.

Is my site suitable for a concrete pump?

Our concrete pumps are substantial vehicles and there are several health and safety aspects to adhere to when using them. When ordering a concrete pump, our team will walk you through these requirements and send you a copy of our Pump Guidelines.

Are they separate vehicles?

Yes. Typically, the concrete pump will arrive on site first to set up and the concrete trucks will follow. The concrete truck backs up to the rear of the concrete pump.

What materials do you take away?

We mainly deal with non-hazardous inert waste e.g. soils, stone, sand. There are other waste types that we can also dispose of, such as clean hardcore and tarmac. We encourage our customers to call our team to discuss exactly what materials they have.

Do you take household rubbish?

No. Household rubbish, tyres, plasterboard, green waste and roots are among our list of excluded materials.You can find out more about different types of muckaway services here.

What vehicle will you send?

We have grabs trucks (4, 6 and 8 wheel) and tipper trucks (8 wheel). Tippers are suitable if you have a loading shovel/machine on site. Where as grab trucks can load themselves.

How much material can a tipper truck carry?

Our 8 wheel tipper trucks can hold approx 19.5/20T.

How much material can your grabs trucks hold?

Our 4 wheel truck can carry 7T maximum. Our 6 wheel truck can carry 12T maximum. Our 8 wheel trucks can carry 16T maximum.

Do you deliver bags of aggregate?

Yes. We can deliver bulk bags (approx 1T) of various aggregates. Call our team and let us know what it is you are looking for.

Can I see a sample of your aggregates?

We collect our aggregates directly from quarry, so we are unable to send out samples unfortunately. If you call our team, they will happy to assist you with what you are looking for, and what a certain aggregate looks like from our supplier.