4:1 Traditional Sand Cement Screed

4:1 Traditional Sand Cement Screed is a traditional floor screed commonly used in domestic and commercial projects of all sizes. It is comprised of four parts sharp sand to one part cement. Fibres are usually added to increase strength and durability, and reduce cracks caused by shrinkage. Drying times for 4:1 Screed varies depending on a number of factors including weather, ventilation, depth, and manufacturer recommendations.


Axtell 4:1 Screed ready to be levelled over under-floor heating

Benefits of 4:1 Traditional Sand Cement Screed

The 4:1 Traditional Sand Cement Screed mix creates a soft texture which is suitable for a wide range of surfaces and floors including ramps and falls, providing a firm and secure base for all applications. This popular screed mix is ideal for the laying of any floor covering, providing a long lasting and perfectly level surface for many years to come.

4:1 Traditional Sand Cement Screed can be ready mixed in advance and delivered to site ready to pump, offering assured consistency and uniformity. Many clients prefer onsite screed mixing, giving ultimate freshness, and the flexibility to adjust both the mix and the volume required at no extra cost should the scope of the project change on the day.

4:1 Traditional Sand Cement Screed Applications

  • Bonded
  • Unbonded
  • Partially bonded
  • Floating

Floor Screed Delivery Services

Axtell has dedicated liquid screed trucks that will pour freshly mixed flowing liquid screed on site without any concrete contamination. Our screed trucks can deliver a range of high-quality floor screed across many locations throughout Surrey, West Sussex, and Hampshire.

Screed Delivery

The benefit of supply via volumetric screed trucks, is that you will only be required to pay for what you use.

Whether you’re laying floor surfaces in a single or multi room construction project, Axtell can deliver a range of pumped screeds directly to site, in small or large quantities:

Axtell Floor Screed Specialists

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