Rapid Set Concrete for Motorways & Highways



Axtell are proud to offer our innovative AXR RAPID SERIES™️, a fast setting concrete designed specifically for the highways industry.
The rapid series includes four pioneering concrete mixes that will completely overhaul the way our roads are repaired and expanded.

The Axtell in-house research and development team continually strive to create ground-breaking concrete solutions, to cut project times, without sacrificing performance or durability, and have used their advanced experience and technological advancements to create the AXR RAPID SERIES™️.

The AXR RAPID SERIES™️ comprises of four new rapid set concrete mixes offering enhanced performance and finish for use in the highways industry.


RAPID PAVE™️ offers a range of fast set proprietary performance mixes providing rapid curing and early strength development, enabling projects to be achieved in short time periods and reducing lane closures. These mixes are suitable for use in highways projects, road repairs, and bay replacements of all sizes.

Contractors benefit from outstanding strength and performance in pavement quality concrete for small-scale replacement or large-scale projects where time constraints are critical.

By using RAPID PAVE™️ highways clients can enjoy reduced project times, a decrease in penalties on deliverables, and a significantly improved cost advantage when compared to other concrete solutions.

RAPID PAVE™️ is laid, spread, and compacted to full depth in one operation, and enjoys controlled quality production, cohesive consistency, and rapid strength gain. RAPID PAVE™️ can achieve a minimum in situ strength of 25 N/mm² in just 5- hours.

Download RAPID PAVE™️ technology data and guidance.


RAPID FOAM™️ is an advanced, flowable, and low-strength material designed to reach ground-bearing strength fast. Ideal for void fills and trench reinstatement, RAPID PAVE™️ provides a cost-effective alternative and backfill material compared to granular fill.

The speed of RAPID FOAM™️ production and reinstatement enables contractors to stay on schedule and on budget. With no tamping or vibration required, jobs can be completed quickly and easily. RAPID FOAM™️ can achieve an initial set in just 4-hours and final set after 5-hours and can accommodate strengths from C4 to C12.

RAPID FOAM™️ benefits highways clients by improving site safety, reducing project costs, and ensuring a timely finish.

To quickly and easily fill voids beneath conduits, RAPID FOAM™️ makes it an ideal bedding material for pipework, electrical ducts, telephone cables, and other conduit projects, providing level and uniform support throughout.

RAPID FOAM™️ has been designed to offer optimal highway performance for these and a range of other CDF-flowable fill tasks including structural fills such as sub-base and sub-footing, pavement voids, erosion control, thermal insulation, and abandoned spaces such as mines and storage tanks.

The fast-setting action helps to minimise disruption and hasten the speed of production on a wide range of highways concrete projects.

Download RAPID FOAM™️ technology data and guidance.


We created RAPID STRENGTH™️ in response to the requirement for a cement which reaches high strengths in a short space of time. RAPID STRENGTH™️, enhanced strength compliance can be achieved in under 24 hours, helping to complete projects on time, or ahead of schedule, and is particularly suitable for emergency repairs.

Axtell’s RAPID STRENGTH™️ concrete was employed for PQC bay replacement on the M25 to help ensure time frames were adhered to and joint work replacement could be carried out effectively.



RAPID AEA ™️ provides rapid set concrete suitable for highways projects with early-age strength development and frost resistance.

Only available from Axtell and created by or in-house R&D department, RAPID AEA™️, is an advanced air-entraining admixture creating small, uniform bubbles through the concrete mix to provide top grade performance and longevity. Our specially formulated low density mix results in a higher yield per batch and creates a highly durable finish for many years to come.

This advanced AEA mix is ideal for applications where concrete will be subject to low temperatures, and where rapid thawing is a common occurrence. Its reduced permeability creates a longer lasting material suitable for a wide range of highways applications.

For more information on our specialist concrete mixes, get in touch with a member of the team today.


Rapid Set Highways Concrete Services

Axtell offer high quality highways concrete solutions across the UK. Supporting National Highways’ ongoing commitment to upgrading the UK roads network. Our Research & Development team are committing to the continuous improvement of strength and performance in our rapid set mixes and are innovators in their field.


Specialist Highways Concrete

With over 20 years in highways concrete projects our team have the knowledge and experience to support any highways concrete project. Our extensive highways concrete works include a wide range of motorway, reinstatement, and road repair projects which makes Axtell an industry leading name in highways concrete services.

The Axtell highways support package is a critical benefit of our highways service. This includes a back-up concrete truck, Axtell engineers providing on-site services, cube testing, and grab trucks to remove any breakout.

Get in touch today to find out more about our complete concrete highways service package.



In-house Concrete Research and Development Laboratory

Our in-house concrete R&D laboratory can create concrete specific proprietary mixes for any application, including fast setting concrete options for projects requiring a unique solution. The AXR RAPID SERIES™️ rapid set concrete is one of our many achievements, and our experts are on hand to talk through your project and offer a range of concrete solutions to suit your needs. Contact the team today for advice or to discuss your requirements.

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