Benefits of Using Rapid Series Concrete for Highway Construction

Benefits of Rapid Set Concrete for Highway Concrete Projects

Any construction project has its share of challenges. However, when it comes to road repairs and highway construction the requirement to minimise interruption to the flow of traffic is critical. Therefore, timing is only secondary to safety and Civil Engineers demand a proprietary rapid curing concrete when completing concrete bay replacement works on UK highways projects.

Axtell AXR Rapid Series™️, offers the solution to this challenge and we have extensive experience of pouring rapid set concrete on highways throughout the UK. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of AXR Rapid Series™️ Axtell’s proprietary rapid set concrete for highways.

Rapid Setting, Superior Strength Concrete

Axtell’s Rapid Series concrete cures fast, with strength compliance achieved in under 24 hours. It gains strength rapidly too; the road can reach 25 N /mm2 or more and be ready for early trafficking in as little as 4 to 5 hours.

RAPIDPACE Specification and Data Sheet - Average Compressive Strength and Curing Range

Download the RAPID PAVE™️ Specification and Data Sheet

To put it into perspective, regular concrete takes between 24-48 hours to set, it will not leave footprints after that time, but it still takes weeks to fully cure. With its 5-hour set time frame, Axtell’s AXR Rapid Pave concrete cuts down concrete highway construction time on average by 85%!

Perfectly Workable Concrete, No Surprises

Our rapid set concrete may initially appear dry and unworkable, with low apparent slump however as vibration is applied, the concrete will flow and compact extremely efficiently, due to the activation of the super-plasticiser.

Axtell’s concrete mix designs undergo meticulous testing to ensure they meet and surpass industry standards, and our BSI accreditation ensures that our concrete product conforms to the highest levels of certification and control.

Versatile Concrete to Suit Your Project and Design

AXR RAPID SERIES™️ is applicable to both new construction and maintenance projects and covers four different mix designs:

RAPID PAVE™️ includes a range of fast set proprietary performance mixes suitable for use in highways projects, road repairs, and bay replacements of all sizes.

RAPID AEA™️ combines early-age strength development with frost resistance. It’s an advanced AEA mix that is ideal for applications where concrete will be subject to low temperatures, and where rapid thawing is a common occurrence.

RAPID STRENGTH™️ is particularly suitable for emergency repairs. It was employed for PQC bay replacement on the M25 to complete the project within a strict time frame.

RAPID FOAM™️ provides a cost-effective alternative and backfill material compared to granular fill, ideal for void fills and trench reinstatement.

Talk to us about the specifics of your project so we can advise you on the type of concrete that can deliver your desired results.

Rapid Set Concrete with Long Term Durability

Highways are the backbone of our infrastructure, and as such, they need to be built to last. With that in mind, we have designed a range of proprietary mixes AXR RAPID SERIES™️ which combine rapid curing and early age strength development in pavement concrete.

Despite their rapid set time, rapid curing concrete products from Axtell provide long term durability for extended working life of constructions. Our R&D team takes pride in its pioneering concrete mix designs which produce a durable finish for many years to come.

Rapid Set vs. Ready-Mix Concrete: Keep in Mind

Rapid curing concrete differs significantly in its composition from ready-mix concrete. Because it is designed to cure fast, during application, it is critical to keep pace with the discharge rate and the concrete’s rate of setting.

The cost of additional personnel is offset by a much shorter time frame to complete the project, and in terms of working hours needed, you can expect the costs to balance in favour of rapid set concrete. If you’d like to get an estimated cost, start by using our concrete calculator.

Innovation built into the roads of tomorrow

With AXR Rapid Series™️ concrete, Axtell have combined ground-breaking research and innovation with steady quality coming from decades of experience in supply for concrete highway construction and proprietary concrete mixes. This revolutionary rapid set concrete range enables engineers and contractors to complete projects more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Talk to our team and get a quote for commercial concrete services from Axtell.