Specialist Highways Concrete

Highways England are committed to an ongoing programme of upgrading concrete motorways and A roads within the UK and as suppliers of volumetric ready-mix concrete we are proud to have been involved in the team supporting this long term and large-scale project.

At Axtell we strive to be innovators in concrete production and our range of specialist concrete mix designs are some of the most technically advanced on the market. We continuously test and develop our concrete to provide an optimum material for applications such as highway bay replacement and have perfected a rapid set concrete mix AX RP3 which cures in only 3-5 hours and is ideal for overnight or emergency weekend maintenance.

Axtell specialist highways team supplying concrete for highways construction


Line of Axtell's specialist highways concrete trucks on road

Highways | Commercial Concrete Services

We can provide a comprehensive range of products and services suitable for highway maintenance and construction. With our experience working with reputable contractors on numerous bay replacements, road repairs and motorway projects, we are the first choice for concrete supply on major highways works.

We can offer a highways support package that goes further than just supplying the concrete, including services such as:

  • Back-up Concrete Truck
  • On-site Axtell Engineers
  • Cube Testing
  • Grab Truck to Remove Any Break-out

Volumetric Concrete

Our volumetric concrete trucks mix your concrete on site when you are ready. Meaning that the concrete is fresh and can be paused or amended whilst on site to fit your requirements.

Volumetric Concrete

Axtell specialist concrete solutions rapid series


In 2019, we launched a brand-new series of concrete, designed, and developed in-house. The AXR RAPID SERIES is a game changing range of high-performance rapid set concrete mixes, specifically created for use within the highways industry.

For more information on specialist mixes for your project, visit our specialist concrete mixes.

Specialist Concrete

Commercial Concrete Delivery Services

We provide highways and bridge maintenance and construction work across the UK. Our team are experienced and compliant in highways and night work and offer an expert and experienced service to suit your project requirements nationally.

For more information on our specialist concrete services and the concrete mixes available for highways, bridges and aviation, speak to a member of the team today.


Map of Axtell's Concrete, Screed and Pump Delivery Service across the south of England including London, Southampton, Reading, Bournemouth, Brighton, Guildford and more

Why Choose Axtell for Highway Projects?

Our state-of-the-art volumetric trucks provide a time and cost-effective delivery method, ensuring customers only pay for the concrete supplied.

We are experienced in delivering rapid set concrete for UK highways bay replacement works and offer a full-service team, back up trucks and on-site testing; to ensure the efficiency and performance of every pour.

Axtell services are available 24 hours a day, offering night work to projects where minimising disruption to travel services is essential.

Get in contact with a member of the Axtell team today to get a quote to find out how we can help with your highway project requirements.

Our Quality Assurance Certifications

Axtell has BSI accreditation on its concrete products, which sets us apart from other concrete suppliers. Our accreditation complies with European BS EN 206-1 and the associated British Standard BS8500.

Our quality management system is certified to ISO9001, and all elements of Axtell quality management is subject to internal audits, and external assessments by NQA, our ISO9001 certification body.

Axtell expert concrete supply from truck