Sand (Loose Aggregate)

Axtell offer an extensive range of top-quality sand and loose aggregate supplies and can deliver flexibly and efficiently to your project’s location. When sourcing our sand, we select on the basis of colour, fineness and workability, allowing us to offer our customers an excellent product which is consistent in quality.

With our fleet of modern aggregate delivery trucks, we can ensure you receive a smooth and efficient delivery service every time. Our aggregate delivery service areas span across every location within Hampshire, West Sussex, and Surrey, and we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service.

Loose aggregates are ideal for large scale projects requiring high volumes of product, making it an ideal solution for bulk sand delivery. For smaller scale projects, we also offer a bagged aggregate delivery service.

Axtell loose sand product


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Our Range of Loose Sand Supplies

We provide the delivery of the following loose sand aggregates:

Loose Sand

Building Sand

Characterised by its fine grains, building sand is often mixed with cement to make mortar for bricklaying, wall building, and pointing of paving. Our building sand is sourced from quarries where it is washed and dried for both cleanliness and better workability.

Reject Sand

Otherwise known as Filling Sand, Reject Sand has a minimal aggregate content, ideally used for pipe bedding and as a fill for drains and ducts. It can also be used as a Class 1 a/b fill material for making up ground levels.

Sharp Sand

Sharp sand is a rough, graded sand with a higher percentage of larger grain sizes. It is commonly used for making plaster and mortar, screeding floors, laying paving, top dressing lawns and on greenhouse capillary benches.

Loose Sand Delivery

Axtell can supply loose sand aggregates to any location within our operational areas and ensure our customers receive a high-quality product and service every time. Our superb customer service, fast delivery and competitive prices make Axtell hard to beat when it comes to loose aggregate deliveries.

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Bulk Sand Delivery Services

As leading loose aggregate suppliers, Axtell design all our services and solutions with our customers in mind. With our large delivery fleet and comprehensive levels of stock at all times, we can ensure we always have the product you need and can provide it to you exactly when you need it. Our flexible delivery services mean your projects never have to be put on pause.

Our loose aggregate supplies can be delivered to all locations throughout Surrey, West Sussex, and Hampshire, with our depots operating out of:

  • Farnham
  • Farnborough
  • Guildford
  • Aldershot
  • Camberley
  • Woking
  • Leatherhead
  • Horsham
  • Godalming

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