Gypsol Rapide Liquid Flowing Screed

Gypsol Rapide is a high performance quick drying screed which doesn’t compromise on strength or performance, offering an ideal surface which is smooth and level every time.

Axtell offer Gypsol Rapide floor screed as a fast-drying alternative to Gypsol Classic floor screed and our traditional 4:1 cement screed.

Developed using specially selected additives combined with graded sands and high quality anhydrite, Rapide liquid floor screed provides a free-flowing, high performance floor screed which under ideal conditions can:

  • Accept foot traffic in 24-48 hours
  • Be loaded after 7 days
  • Dry fully in 14 days


Axtell floor Gypsol screed mixing pour

The Benefits of Using Rapide Screed

The main benefit of using Gypsol Rapide floor screed is its super-fast drying time. It offers unrivalled performance in as little as 14 days (in optimum conditions), saving time and helping you get ahead of schedule compared to traditional anhydrite and cement screeds.

Gypsol Rapide offers a range of practical and budgetary benefits over standard floor screed:

  • Super-fast installation
  • Self-curing, no need for curing agent or membrane
  • Cover up to 2,000m² per day
  • Self-levelling, self-smoothing, and self-compacting
  • Reduced risk of cracking
  • No need for reinforcement
  • Safer to work
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Independently tested for quality

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Gypsol Rapide Screed Applications

Gypsol Rapide is an ideal floor screed for all construction types. This self-compacting screed can be used from a minimum depth of just 15mm unbonded and 35mm floating. It provides the perfect subfloor to any floor covering including resin, tiles, and vinyl.

Suitable for high strength applications, Rapide is a popular choice for a range of applications including masonry, steel frame and timber frame construction projects.

With its high thermal response, Gypsol Rapide is often used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems to produce an energy efficient heating system, and screed depth can be reduced to increase thermal efficiency.

Only a lightweight dappling bar is required to finish it, with no secondary compaction required, reducing project time and reducing the physical impact on staff and contractors.

Gypsol Rapide Screed Sustainability Credentials

  • Environmentally friendly & sustainable
  • Low carbon footprint of just 26.26kg per tonne (94% reduced emissions compared to 900kg per tonne for cement)
  • Reduced lifetime impact
  • Binder up to 98% recycled content
  • 100% recyclable
  • Improved under floor heating efficiency
  • Reduced worker safety risks
  • Reduced waste
Axtell floor Gypsol screed mixing pour
Axtell floor Gypsol screed mixing pour

Rapide Screed Delivery Services

Axtell offer Gypsol Rapide volumetric screed delivery services across Surrey and the surrounding counties. By using a volumetric floor screed service, you ensure you only pay for the amount of Gypsol Rapide you need for the job, with reduced waste and no excess screed.

This specialist mix is delivered as a ready mix product and is pumped directly to its final location by our trained technicians.
Our dedicated liquid screed trucks are sole use, offering a 0% likelihood of concrete contamination and ensuring you get the highest quality pour available.

Find out more about Axtell screed delivery or contact our team today for a quote.