Shingle (Loose Aggregate)

Axtell provide a complete range of premium shingle and loose aggregate supplies, which can be delivered directly to your site via flexible and efficient delivery services. Our shingle products offer a low-cost alternative to our aggregate ranges and are suitable for use on driveways, paths, drainage, and bedding purposes.

With our large fleet of trucks, Axtell are adequately equipped to provide you with an efficient service, operating within every location across Hampshire, West Sussex, and Surrey. Axtell have over 20 years worth of experience within the industry, meaning we will provide you with the best aggregate delivery service available.

Our loose shingle aggregate is ideal for large projects such as housing construction or landscaping, however for smaller project scales we also offer a bagged shingle delivery service.

Axtell loose shingle product


Axtell loose shingle product loaded into truck by digger

Our Range of Loose Shingle

We provide delivery of the following loose shingle aggregates:

Loose Shingle

10mm Pea Shingle

Quarried crushed stones, screened to produce different sizes. Contains both rounded and angular particles. Mostly used for decorative purposes, flowerbeds and paths.

20mm Pea Shingle

Quarried crushed stones, screeded to produce different sizes. Commonly used on driveways since smaller shingle often gets stuck in tyres.

40mm Pea Shingle

Most often used as a sub-base or on large roads that are not often walked on. This size along with larger 40-75mm ‘reject’ shingle is commonly used for drainage purposes.

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Loose Shingle Supplies

Axtell can supply our loose shingle aggregates to customers with worksites located within our operating locations, ensuring you receive a fast an efficient service alongside our high-quality products. With such a premium service at competitive prices, look no further than Axtell for your aggregate needs.

Loose Aggregate Delivery Services

Our aggregate delivery services always put the customer first. In combination with Axtell’s large fleet of delivery trucks, we have what you’re looking for and with flexible delivery services can get your loose shingle aggregate delivered quickly and efficiently to keep your project on schedule, regardless of last-minute changes.

Axtell’s loose aggregate delivery services are available to all locations throughout Surrey, West Susses and Hampshire, with depots in:

  • Farnham
  • Farnborough
  • Guildford
  • Aldershot
  • Camberley
  • Woking
  • Leatherhead
  • Horsham
  • Godalming

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