Aggregate Suppliers

Axtell supply a range of top quality loose and bagged aggregates and sand for trade and domestic customers at competitive prices. We check the quality and pricing of materials we offer on a regular basis to ensure we only offer the best and stay competitive.

Our comprehensive stock range can be ordered at almost any requirement and any volume, from small domestic jobs to large volume projects.

Our Wide Range of Aggregates and Sand

We offer the following aggregates and sand for delivery:

Loose Aggregates, Stone, Shingle, Sands, Bagged Aggregates, Bagged Stone, Bagged Shingle, Bagged Sand.


Side of Axtell aggregate delivery truck in South England

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Bagged Aggregates

Our bagged aggregates are available for fast delivery across Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey.

Bagged Sand

  • Bagged building sand
  • Bagged plastering sand
  • Bagged reject sand
  • Bagged sharp sand

Bagged Shingle

  • Bagged 10mm shingle
  • Bagged 20mm shingle

Bagged Stone

  • Bagged 20mm ballast
  • Bagged Type 1 primary stone

Loose Aggregates


Loose Sand

  • Loose building sand
  • Loose reject sand
  • Loose sharp sand

Loose Shingle

  • Loose 10mm shingle
  • Loose 20mm shingle
  • Loose 40mm recycled shingle

Loose Stone

  • Loose 20mm ballast
  • Crushed concrete 6F2
  • DOT Type 1 – Crushed Concrete
  • DOT Type 1 – Primary Limestone
  • Scalpings

Why Choose Axtell?

Axtell have been in the industry for over 20 years, we deliver bagged and loose aggregates to all locations in and across Surrey, West Sussex, and Hampshire, with depots covering:

  • Farnham
  • Farnborough
  • Guildford
  • Aldershot
  • Camberley
  • Woking
  • Leatherhead
  • Horsham
  • Godalming
  • Cranleigh
  • Ascot
  • Alton
  • Petersfield
  • Crawley
  • Epsom
  • Chertsey

If you would like a competitive aggregates and sand delivery quote for any location within our radius, contact the team today.

Our BSI accreditation sets us apart from other suppliers in our area, complying with BS EN 206-1 and the association British Standard BS8500. Having this accreditation enables Axtell to supply to projects of any size.

Our Aggregate Delivery Services

We offer fast delivery of all materials in our aggregate and sand range from our depots located across Surrey, West Sussex, and Hampshire. With flexible and efficient delivery slots available, we help keep your project on time and on project.

Get an Aggregates Delivery Quote

Our fleet of grab trucks can carry just over 16 tonnes and our tipper vehicles can carry up to 20 tonnes. Depending on access we can tip or grab aggregates to site or crane off in bulk bags.
We can also arrange for products to be delivered around the county or for jobs further afield we can arrange a national service.

Map of Axtell's Aggregate Delivery Service across the south of England including Guildford and Slough


Types of Aggregate Explained

Building sand – Building sand is a general sand most commonly employed for use in bricklaying in construction jobs of all sizes. When mixed with water and cement it forms bricklaying mortar.

Plastering sand – Plastering sand is similar to building sand but a finer grade and therefore the appropriate choice for plastering jobs.

Reject sand – Reject sand is also known as fill sand. It is an unwashed clay-based sand with only a small amount of aggregate content. It provides the ideal solution to filling larger voids, for example back filing after the laying of pipes or trench digging.

Sharp sand – Sharp sand is a larger, coarse sand commonly used in concrete and masonry work.

Shingle – Shingle is a general term used to describe stones and pebbles used in construction as a bedding for water pipes and soakaways, as well as and for decoration of pathways, driveways, water features in domestic projects.

Ballast – Ballast is a main material in the creation of concrete. It is a coarse aggregate which is also used to keep vegetation in check and improve drainage.

Crushed concrete – Crushed concrete can be used as a base material for the laying of roads, as a backfiller, to improve drainage, and even as a surface for car parks and driveways.

Scalpings – Scalpings are small pieces of stone which have been contaminated and rejected during screening. They are used as a sub-base material to help even out foundations and provide a level surface.