Types of Muckaway Services

Axtell Muckaway services collect waste materials from construction, demolition or domestic site and dispose of it at our nearby registered facilities.

Certain specific waste materials can be recycled, such as clean concrete brick rubble or tarmac, which can usually be used as an alternative to primary aggregates for applications such as a subbase for a domestic driveway or a highway for large construction traffic.
Before you dispose of anything from site, you should always consider which waste materials are reusable and recyclable. Classification of your waste needs to be accurate and waste streams should always be kept separate to help minimise landfill and avoid unnecessary additional collection charges.


Axtell ready mix concrete solutions delivery pours from truck - close-up

What Materials Can Muckaways Take?

The type of materials muckaway services can take depends on their licensing and the services they offer.


  • Inert – Inert muck is defined as ‘a mixture of waste which has not gone through any chemical, physical, or biological changes. Examples include soil & stones.
  • Construction & Wood Demolition – construction project waste including wood, metal & plastic and requires separate collection.
  • Recyclable materials – this refers to any clean materials that can be recycled and reused such as concrete breakout, brick, hardcore and tarmac.
  • Utility Spoil (Mixed) – Often created on construction projects examples include brick, concrete, tarmac & subbase.
  • Garden Waste – natural green waste including turf, shrubs, leaves etc.
  • Household Rubbish – Mixed domestic waste. Please call for further information.

Axtell ready mix concrete solutions delivery pours from truck - close-up
Axtell ready mix concrete solutions delivery pours from truck - close-up

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The Materials Muckaways CAN’T Take

Axtell do not collect hazardous materials. Hazardous waste is defined as that which could cause harm to public health or the environment. Examples include asbestos, chemicals and solvents, batteries, paint, aerosols, and invasive plant species such as Japanese Knotweed.

What Happens to the Waste Materials?

Axtell offer fully compliant muckaway and site waste removal services, collecting waste from your site and disposing of it at one of our registered facilities. Every load is recorded, and we only work with fully certified and environmentally responsible disposal centres.

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