Concrete Pump Mixes

Axtell concrete pump mixes are specially and precisely designed for use in line and boom pumps to ensure a smooth and efficient concrete delivery every time. The two main benefits of using a concrete pump are that a pump can supply a far greater volume of concrete per hour, and the supply is constant. This means less wasted man hours on site.

Our pumped concrete mixes provide a cost-effective solution for all suitable projects, and offer a range of other benefits including:

  • Fast, efficient delivery
  • Rapid set up
  • Cost effective mix designs
  • Minimal risk of line blocking
  • Facility to reach difficult site locations points
  • Reduces labour time and cost


Axtell concrete line and boom pump trucks for concrete pump mixes
Axtell concrete pump trucks at construction site

Our Range of Concrete Pump Services

A wide range of factors can affect the pumpability of concrete mixes causing ineffective or slow delivery. Axtell mixing trucks ensure you get the perfect mix for the job, with great flow and reduces slump. Our pump mixes offer just the right ratio of water, aggregate, and additives for each application to offer a great finish and an efficient service. Pumping at up to 1 cubic metre per minute, our pumped concrete can cater for any project and deliver on time.

At Axtell, our concrete pump mixes offer fresh, high-quality line and boom pumped concrete with a great finish and great durability. Our mixes ensure that not only is concrete of a high standard when hardened but that when pumped it is easily to place, pump, and work to the desired finish.

With a range of boom pump sizes, you can choose the right size needed to place the concrete on site exactly where required, even in problematic areas. Why not use our concrete calculator to calculate the amount of concrete your project needs. 

Pumped Concrete Delivery

Axtell are the only accredited concrete suppliers using volumetric concrete mixers across Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry and depots across the region we are best placed in our area to provide pumped concrete mixes for any size and type of project, domestic, commercial, and agricultural.

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Flexible Delivery of Pumped Concrete

We can deliver the mix you need, where you need it, in a time frame to suit you, and help keep your project on time and on track. If you require further information regarding our pumped concrete services or wish to request a quote, get in touch with Axtell today.

If you sure unsure of the best mix for your project, or are ready to book your delivery, contact our team today. 

Map of Axtell's Concrete, Screed and Pump Delivery Service across the south of England including London, Southampton, Reading, Bournemouth, Brighton, Guildford and more