Concrete for Airport Maintenance

For a major airport, where ground conditions permit, the most effective material for long-term durability is concrete. With over 20 years of experience in providing high-quality services at competitive prices Axtell is a leading provider of concrete products and services to the building, highways, and aviation sectors of the construction industry.

At Axtell we develop and test specialist concrete mix designs that combine durability with rapid-set agility. These mixes are ideal for concrete re-surfacing and bay repair maintenance at aviation sites where time is constrained, and the longevity of the surface is critical. We can create precision design mixes to suit any application according to specification and use.

Find out more about our AXR Rapid Series™️ – fast curing concrete.

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Axtell mix truck supplies concrete for airport maintenance

Airport Maintenance Services

We understand the critical requirements of maintaining airport paving and supply effective and reliable products to support these projects.

Our research and development laboratory are experts and capable of creating and testing any concrete mix design for any application. With our wealth of experience and resources available we can be trusted to complete any size or type of project efficiently and to a high standard.

Concrete Delivery Services for Airport Runways

We are equipped to supply concrete for highways bay replacement, airport paving maintenance and bridge expansion joints throughout the UK.


Maintained concrete airport runway with plane ready to fly

Why Choose Axtell as Your Airport Paving Contractors?

Axtell is a leading supplier of premium quality concrete products and services. Our state-of-the-art fleet of volumetric concrete trucks provide an efficient, and cost-effective delivery method, allowing our customers to only pay for the concrete that they pour. All our concrete mixes are tested and developed at our in-house research and development laboratory where we can create bespoke commercial concrete mixes suitable for the maintenance of airport paving.

Axtell has BSI accreditation on its concrete products, which sets us apart from other concrete suppliers in the area. Axtell has accreditation which complies with European BS EN 206-1 and the association British Standard BS8500. Having this accreditation enables Axtell to supply to any prestigious construction project.

For more information on our specialist concrete, reach out to a member of the Axtell team today to get a quote.

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