Volumetric Concrete Benefits for Construction

Volumetric concrete is a popular alternative to traditional barrel drum ready-mix concrete for the construction industry and is the ideal solution for a range of domestic and commercial construction projects.

What is Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete is delivered in its component parts and mixed on site when it arrives, offering a fresh batch every time and the option to edit the mix as required by the client.

Why Use Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete offers a range of benefits over standard ready mix concrete deliveries.

Only Pay for What You Use

Possibly the greatest benefit of using volumetric concrete in any construction project is the fact that you cannot over or under order. Traditional concrete delivery services would usually be carried out by a drum carrying lorry, with the concrete being mixed and loaded at the plant, then delivered to site.

Pre-mixing at the concrete plant means that there is a set amount of concrete charged to the job. If you need more concrete, that will require a separate delivery and your project may face issues with the first delivery setting at a different time to the second. If you miscalculate or the project changes and you have too much concrete, you still need to pay for and dispose of it.

Volumetric batched concrete offers a more convenient and cost-effective way to have concrete delivered. As it is mixed on site, there is no shortage or excess of concrete at the end of the job. You pay for what you use, and the remaining concrete ingredients are returned to the yard for their next job.

Flexibility to Alter the Mix on the Construction Site

As its name suggests, ready mix concrete arrives on site mixed and ready to be poured. Should the nature of the project change, or the weather take a bad turn, the mix may need to be altered to accommodate a change in requirement. This is not possible with barrel drum ready mix, and in a worst-case scenario may mean the concrete goes to waste.

This is not a problem to volumetric concrete deliveries. As the product is mixed on site, the mix can be altered as necessary to accommodate changes in the weather, the project, or anything else which requires a new concrete mix.

Have Multiple Mixes Delivered to Site in One

Should your construction project require more than one concrete mix to be delivered, a volumetric truck can cater for this on site, creating multiple different concrete mixes on the day. With a more traditional delivery, separate batches and trucks would be necessary for each mix required.

Concrete Freshness

As volumetric concrete is mixed on the spot just before it is used, it is as fresh as it can be. In comparison, drum lorry deliveries may have been mixed some time ago, lessening the quality of the delivery and possibly requiring more water by the time it arrives, weakening the concrete mix.

Larger Deliveries Compared to Ready Mix

Volumetric concrete trucks do not require a drum to keep the concrete turning en-route to the construction site. This means the whole of the rear of the truck can be used to carry the concrete ingredients, freeing up space and allowing for a larger capacity per job. Some volumetric concrete trucks can hold twice as much as a standard drum lorry.

Longer Usage Timeframe

As we saw in the Freshness section, ready mix concrete can become stale if left in the drum too long, meaning it requires more water and the quality is compromised. This means should the construction project be delayed, or an issue arise, there is the possibility that ready mix concrete will be of poorer quality or not fit for use if the delay is too great.

As volumetric concrete is not mixed until the delivery vehicle is on site, the concrete is not affected by project and weather delays.

Axtell Volumetric Delivery Services for the Construction Industry

Axtell has BSI accreditation on all our volumetric concrete products, which sets us apart from other concrete suppliers in the area. We have full accreditation which complies with European BS EN 206-1 and the association British Standard BS8500. Having this accreditation enables Axtell to supply to any construction project from a domestic shed floor, patios, and foundations to housing developments, highways and runways.

We can deliver volumetric concrete to any location thanks to our 24 meter concrete boom pumps and 36 meter concrete boom pump hire..

Axtell are proud members of the Construction Plant Hire Association, the Freight Transport Association, the Construction Industry Training Board and are fully BSI accredited.

Find out more about volumetric concrete delivery services and get a quote from Axtell.