What type of muck do I have?

Knowing what type of muck you have is important when trying to gain a quote. Giving inaccurate information could lead to higher costs later in the process. Below we’ll outline the types of muckaway we can offer on either our grab trucks or tipper trucks.

hardcore/concrete muckaway

One of the cheapest types of muckaway is clean hardcore which can be classified by a few materials, including:

  • Bricks
  • Stones
  • Paving slabs
  • Clean concrete

As the name suggests, for the material to be taken away as this category, it must be purely hardcore and clean from any mixed soil or other materials. This category can be taken away cheaper due to being able to be recycled via crushing it.

Soils and Stones (Inert muckaway)

This is the most common type of muckaway and is classed as inert due to the material not emitting any gas when it is disposed of via quarry filling. As long as your muckaway is just normal soil and stones (this can also include hardcore), and the soil is not contaminated, this is okay to be taken away as inert.

Tarmac muckaway

If you have removed a driveway or road and have some tarmac, which has nothing else mixed in, i.e. soil, we can take this away as clean tarmac muckaway.

Soils, stones and Tarmac muckaway

When there is a mixture of soil, stones, hardcore and tarmac, this is considered as a utilities muckaway. We can take this, but there is a higher cost involved due to the process which has to separate the materials after collection, so each type of material in the mix can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. If there is tarmac and soil mixed in, there must not be any clay as this will be refused on site.

Green Waste muckaway

If you have been renovating your back garden and have some turf, plant materials and soil all mixed in, we can take this away as green waste. This comes with a costly charge as it is priced per tonne taken away rather than per load. In addition, we cannot take away timber or too much wood with this.

Household rubbish muckaway

Household rubbish is much like green waste it is priced per tonne taken rather than per load and can become costly. Household rubbish can be classes as any normal household rubbish from clearing out or demolition but cannot include plasterboard.

To assist with taking away your material, we can use a grab vehicle which can pick up the muck from the side of the road, as long as access is clear. Otherwise, if you have a loading shovel on site, you can hire a tipper lorry to take away the muck, which could reduce the cost overall. Whatever muckaway you need, we will find the best solution for you to clear your site.

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