How to Hire a Good Concrete Supplier – What to Consider

How to Hire a Good Concrete Supplier

Whether you are looking for a ready mix concrete supplier for a domestic job, a commercial project or national highways bay replacement and bridge expansion joint repair, there are a number of key factors to consider when deciding which company to use.

How to Choose a Concrete Supplier

By spending some time researching potential concrete suppliers at the start, you can save time and effort later on. It is important to compare critical factors such as the strength and precision of the mix for the job, the efficiency of the pour, locality from the operator to site, and the reliability and reputation of the company.

How many years has the company worked in concrete services?

A well-established company with many years in the business can be an indicator of good service and reasonable pricing. Construction suppliers with a strong trading history will be able to offer the benefit of their expertise having faced most of the opportunities and challenges that come up within the industry.

Do they have experience in the type of concrete services you require?

If you have a list of potential concrete supply companies, look at their website or ask them what kind of projects they have worked on in the past. Checking the longevity of a business and the sectors they have worked in, may be especially important for large-scale and specialist projects. Some companies may specialise in one area of the concreting business or may not offer the full range of concrete and surfacing services necessary for your project.

By hiring a concrete supplier with experience in similar projects, they are also more likely to be able to spot potential issues and improvements which may benefit you and help ensure your concrete delivery goes without a hitch.

Do they have positive online reviews and a good reputation?

Checking the reviews and reputation of the companies you are looking to hire is an increasingly prominent way for people to decide who to use on their construction projects.

Check their website for testimonials or reviews page, and look on reputation builder websites such as CheckaTrade, TrustPilot, directories such as, and for reviews on Google and Bing to help build a picture of the company and how they operate.

Do they have the means to deliver the quantity and quality of concrete you need?

The kind of concrete delivery you need depends on what kind of project you are working on. Access is an important issue that can help to determine the best method of delivery. Dependent on the location of your delivery site you may require concrete to be delivered by line pump or boom. When checking out potential suppliers ensure they have the right equipment and enough specialist concrete delivery trucks to make sure your concrete is delivered on time and hassle-free.

How is their customer service?

Take a moment to speak with the concrete supply companies you are considering hiring. Good customer service is often the sign of a strong team and a company that will be easier to work with if you were to employ them for your concrete delivery.

They may be able to offer valuable advice on your specific project, or offer tools and information to help you, such as a concrete calculator to help you estimate how much concrete you will need.

Axtell offers volumetric concrete services to ensure you only pay for the concrete you need, so you will never under/over order the amount of concrete you need, and you will only pay for what you use.

Do they have full accreditation to deliver a safe and efficient delivery?

Checking the credentials and accreditations of potential concrete suppliers is an important and necessary task to make sure your concrete delivery service is carried out by competent and well-trained professionals to ensure a safe and high-quality concrete delivery from a company you can trust.

Axtell has BSI accreditation on all our ready-mix concrete products, which sets us apart from other concrete suppliers in the area. We have full accreditation which complies with European BS EN 206-1 and the association British Standard BS8500. Having this accreditation enables Axtell to supply to any construction project from a domestic shed floor, patios, and foundations to housing developments, highways, and runways.

Axtell are proud members of the Construction Plant Hire Association, the Freight Transport Association, the Construction Industry Training Board and are fully BSI accredited.

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