How Much concrete do I need: the measurements you need to be able to use our concrete calculator

Our online concrete calculator is the best tool to work out how many m3 of concrete you need overall, however, sometimes figuring out the measurements you need to put in the calculator can be the difficult part.

The 2 Variations to the concrete calculator

Our calculator has 2 variations to work out the quantity needed. Changing these variations will depend on whether you have a circular hole or a rectangular/square hole.
The main difference between these variations are the rectangular calculator uses length, width and depth measurements, the circular shape calculator uses radius and depth.

Getting your measurements for the online concrete calculator

A square/rectangle slab

This is the easiest shape to input the measurements into the calculator.

From the drawing:

  • A is the length
  • B is the width

And the depth measurement is how depth the slab needs to be filled.

A Trench Foundation Shape

This shape can be slightly harder to establish the exact measurements you need for our calculator.

On this one:

  • A + B + C is the length
  • D is the width

And again, the depth measurement is how deep the trench is.

A Circle Shape

For this shape, only 2 measurements are needed for our calculator, the radius and depth.

Radius is A on the description. To work out the radius, you measure the diameter of the circle (the length of a straight line passing through the centre of the circle) and half this.
Other than that, the other measurement the calculator needs is the depth again.

Remember to choose which shape variation you want before inputting your measurements and check which unit of measure you are inputting. Our calculator can take measurements in metres, inches, centimetres or millimetres, however, the units have to remain the same for all measurement inputs.

No matter which unit of measurement you use, the calculator will always produce your final quantity in m3 which is exactly what you will need to order with our office.