How to Choose the Right Grab Truck for the Job?

Clearing mounts of waste on any construction site can quickly become tiresome, adding unwanted stress to the job, whether it’s a large-scale commercial construction site or a smaller DIY domestic project. However, there’s a solution to this problem – grab trucks.

With an impressive ability to clear large amounts of construction and industrial waste in a safe and efficient manner, grab trucks are the perfect solution for every project. While they come in a selection of different load capacities, lengths and heights depending on your requirements, it can be hard to understand which truck is best suited to your specific job.

In this blog we explore everything you need to know about choosing the right grab truck for the job making the waste removal process as smooth as possible.

Benefits of Hiring Grab Trucks

Grab trucks leave little need for wheelbarrows and skips, allowing you to leave waste loose on your site or driveway with no concern; grab trucks do the work for you.

  • There’s no need to load the skip; grab lorries make a great alternative.
  • You can keep adding to the pile with no concern of having to clear up.
  • Clear large amounts of waste in one-go.
  • Save on manual labour costs.
  • No need for skip permits.
  • 8-wheel grab lorries can fit over twice the size of two skips, at a fraction of the cost.

Different Types of Grab Trucks & Their Features

Different types of grab trucks will be more suited to your job than others, depending on the scale of your project, the weight of your materials, the space available and your budget. Learn the different grab trucks that are available and discover their main features.

4-Wheeler Grab Trucks

4-wheeler trucks allow for a maximum load capacity of 7 tonnes.

  • Overall Width (exc. Mirrors) – 2600mm
  • Overall Width (inc. Mirrors) – 3200mm
  • Overall Length – 7800mm
  • Overall Height – 3700mm
  • Max Grab Reach from Truck – 5000mm
  • Load Capacity – 6 m2

6-Wheeler Grab Trucks

6-wheeler trucks allow for a maximum load capacity of 12.5 tonnes.

  • Overall Width (exc. Mirrors) – 2600mm
  • Overall Width (inc. Mirrors) – 3200mm
  • Overall Length – 8100mm
  • Overall Height – 3700mm
  • Max Grab Reach from Truck – 5400mm
  • Load Capacity – 10 m2

8-Wheeler Grab Trucks

Weighing in at 32 tonnes, 8-wheeler trucks allow for a maximum load capacity of 16 tonnes.

  • Overall Width (exc. Mirrors) – 2600mm
  • Overall Width (inc. Mirrors) – 3200mm
  • Overall Length – 9100mm
  • Overall Height – 3700mm
  • Max Grab Reach from Truck – 6800mm
  • Load Capacity – 13 m2

What Waste Can a Grab Lorry Carry?

Grab lorries have impressive load capacities which allow for substantial amounts of waste to be carried and cleared from your site. Waste materials include:

General Recyclable Waste

If you’re digging and clearing a lot of earth and soil in your project, grab lorries can tidy the space and get rid of unwanted waste. General recyclable waste also includes garden waste such as tress, hedge trimmings, flower cuttings, often present in domestic or commercial land scaping projects.

However, waste can become contaminated if the area you’re working on has previously had chemical spills. Therefore, it’s important to ensure the waste is non-hazardous before clearing to avoid causing harm to human health or the environment.

Construction Waste

Construction waste includes materials from demolished buildings such as bricks, rubble, concreate blogs or paving slabs, all of which can be carried safely using a grab truck.


Muckaway needs to be separated first before it can be carried and transported using a grab truck. This usually refers to inert waste such as concrete, clay, mixed soil, stone and chalk.

Hiring the Right Grab Truck for Site Clearance

Whether you are looking for domestic grab truck hire or commercial grab truck hire, grab trucks meet every need, serving both the trade and homeowner equally.

Commercial Waste Collection

Commercial building and construction sites often require heavy loaded grab trucks to be sufficient to carry mass materials safely. For such projects, the 6-Wheeler or 8-Wheeler grab trucks tend to be better suited, to have enough load capacity to carry the weight of materials and to maximise the grab reach from the truck in larger spaces.

Domestic Waste Collection

Domestic projects wouldn’t require trucks with as heavy load capacities compared to commercial projects due to the scale of the job being smaller. In this instance, the 4-Wheeler would be sufficient to clear necessary waste materials safely.

Axtell’s Grab Truck Services – Get a Quote Today

With over 20 years of experience in the trade, we’ve built and designed our services around the client, offering the flexibility and availability you need at competitive prices. No matter your requirements, we offer the same great service to every customer.

Axtell offer a selection of grabs trucks that can be booked to deliver aggregates or to remove waste from your site, whether you’re a homeowner or part of the trade. Our grab trucks are widely known for their blue and yellow colours, with mechanical grab arms ideal for sites without any loading machinery, or domestic properties.

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